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Story Worldwide names Craig Teper Chief Storyrunner

We're excited to announce that Story has hired Craig Teper, a renowned NYC based documentary film maker and creative production leader as Chief StoryRunner. Teper is known for creating in house production teams at Bumble & Bumble and The Barbarian Group, directing campaigns for clients including McDonalds, Avon and GE, and directing the feature documentary Vidal Sassoon The Movie. His work has appeared on Netflix, Showtime, Amazon Prime and BBC.

This new role allows Story’s clients to quickly move from idea to activation while creating a unified brand story across the myriad consumer touchpoints and formats required in today’s media landscape. Says Teper: “True integration between creative problem solving and production know-how is the core of the StoryRunner model. It positions makers at the highest creative levels of a campaign, this hands-on experience makes us more agile, dynamic and responsive to client needs.”

With this new hire, Story is rolling out a new agency model, combining creative and production into one department, modeled after the television showrunner. Story’s Co-Founder and CEO Simon Kelly adds: “The showrunner is the leading brain behind a TV series from the overarching narrative arc, to managing a writers’ room, overseeing all aspects of production, post production and editing the final cut. At Story, we’ve taken this proven concept and applied it to the brand storytelling business”.

Josh von Scheiner, Story’s co-Founder and CXO continues: “Story was the first to use investigative journalism as a way to uncover company purpose and brand narratives, reinventing the branding agency. While we’ve always been known for our creativity, I’m excited for this next step, reimagining the creative agency through the showrunner model led by Craig. Now clients can get good, fast and cheap without having to pick two!”

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