Making coupons mean more

Clipping stigma from the coupon story

How do you get away from the stigma associated with extreme “couponing” and inspire new audiences to save? That was the challenge faced ahead of its first-ever consumer campaign.

Story knew the solution was to create a compelling brand purpose, to redefine what coupons stand for and connect with what “savings” really means to people. Coupons fuel savings, and savings fuel dreams. That was the core narrative of our integrated campaign to build love and loyalty for

We created a brand style guide and brought the story to life via a targeted campaign that included a TVC, rich-media banners, print and a launch video for a new mobile app. The connection between coupon savings and cashing in on dreams was impossible to miss.


Media Planning


TV & Print

To remove a stigma, you have to redefine what you stand for.

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