It's better than perfect. It's spot-on.


What to do with all life’s lemons

Beefeater needed a smart social campaign that could do a lot of things at the same time. It had to reintroduce its gin to the U.S. market and challenge its own image as a “grandparent’s brand.” It had to announce a bold new bottle design mid-campaign. It had to teach consumers to serve Beefeater and tonic with a lemon, not a lime. And it had to do it all with a touch of cheeky British humor.

We began by making a story about two things: a simple drink and a simple moment to enjoy it. Enter our “Spot-On” etiquette guide, a witty series of tips for dealing with all of life’s lemons to make them correct, or “spot-on” as the Brits say. Our tongue-in-cheek advice was accompanied by hand-drawn images or gifs inspired by the style of the new bottle to allow for a seamless transition and tease the brand’s makeover before it was announced.

In addition to the robust social campaign, weather-triggered display media ran in top markets all summer long. When temperatures rose, consumers got a message reminding them of how refreshing a Beefeater, lemon & tonic (a.k.a. the B-L-T) is on a hot summer day.

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