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How social media made BD a go-to source of support for people with diabetes

BD is the global medical supply leader, but its awareness among its end customers was extremely low. With Story’s guidance, BD agreed to launch the company’s first social media initiative as a unique resource for people with diabetes in Canada.

Social media was then a new frontier for medical marketing. Story took the initiative, conducting intensive reviews of Canadian and U.S. regulations while also researching the diabetes community to uncover insights and map people’s online journeys. Story’s solution was a pioneering unbranded Facebook page called “Diabetes Innovations.” Our content strategy was to fulfill the mission of supporting Canadians with diabetes by helping them to “Question your routines. Seek innovations. Improve your health.”

High engagement made the BD page Canada’s largest healthcare social community

The success of Diabetes Innovations was so dramatic that BD had Story launch a U.S. edition at the beginning of 2014. By then, the Canadian page had 98,000+ Facebook followers and engagement rates with the content exceeded benchmarks by 4X-5X. Total page likes grew 206% in the first year post-launch; organic growth was an unprecedented 103%. By the end of the year, some 30% of total followers had come to the page organically. High engagement and sharing rates meant popular posts reached as many as 250k to 280k people—more than twice the size of the page’s fan base.

Both the U.S. and Canadian pages are going strong today. The combined community is well over 525,000.

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