• Today, the only messages anyone will see and hear are the messages they choose to see and hear. We're living in an opt-in culture.

  • The only way to get positive attention in this environment is by creating great media — desired content that is relevant, informing, entertaining, and on-brand.

  • And that's exactly what we do. Story Worldwide connects brands to customers by telling engaging and entertaining stories that audiences actually want to hear.


  • Most brand communication strategies fail because they fail to communicate with the intended audience. Developing a great brand requires more than great design — it requires a creative and pragmatic approach to maximizing the impact of a brand's story. It is vital to leverage unique brand qualities to realize business benefits. We call this the "Story Platform."

  • Brands that thrive in today's marketplace are those that understand and embrace recognized behaviors and harness these behavior patterns to the mutual benefit of the brand and the consumer. The aim is to fulfill two fundamental objectives: telling stories that people want to hear, and telling stories that engage audiences with the brand.

  • The Story Discovery Workshop is how we help brands locate their core narrative, learn to tell their own best stories, and pinpoint the ways those stories should be told across digital and traditional media.

  • Through a directed series of exercises, we help weave historical, mythical, literary, and pop cultural elements together with product attributes and promises, brand history, consumer knowledge, and business goals to construct a solid foundational narrative that can guide a decade of successful integrated marketing efforts.


  • The most compelling content should reach people wherever and whenever they need it, in whatever format they choose. Our transmedia editorial team tells stories across all platforms, channels, and languages, creating a multitude of entry points for consumer immersion in a brand's story.

  • The proliferation of new media — from websites, video games, and social media to iPads and the constant stream of new portable platforms — is generating insatiable demand from consumers for engaging content. With a rich heritage in customer publishing, web design, rich media, and video game design, Story is poised for a future that will see communications better integrated, planned, and executed across multiple media channels.

  • We want to help define, tell, and disseminate your brand story — the story you tell internally, the story you tell partners and stakeholders, and the story you tell customers.


Story Worldwide

Today, brands are competing with filmmakers, writers and entertainers, not other brands.

Story is the world's first post-advertising agency, applying established storytelling techniques and talent to marketing and communications.

Our work includes integrated campaigns and through-media content for clients such as Lexus, Unilever, Estee Lauder Companies and J&J.

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  • "Every brand has a STORY to tell. Those that tell it best WIN."
    Kirk Cheyfitz
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    In this post-advertising age, we work to connect brands directly to customers by telling engaging stories that audiences actually want to hear.

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