Chicago-based TV station WGN America (home of Matlock, In the Heat of the Night and other syndicated shows) was looking to boost ratings with a younger audience. Although it refreshed its content with shows such as South Park and Entourage, Matlock remained its highest-rated program. Story’s challenge was to drive offline behavior—namely, tune-in—by developing engaged online communities. Story approached WGN America with a focused plan for rebuilding WGN America’s image around its show’s SuperFans to engage and expand its audience and drive viewership.
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    For the shows How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock, this strategy centered on a content hub on Facebook that collected and supervised conversations about the show, motivating fans to share them. These conversations were ongoing, helpful, entertaining and respectful—from one fan to another. In particular, the Story-launched YourMother Facebook Page—the network’s branded How I Met Your Mother Facebook Page—is a bona fide success story. As of October 2012, more than 1.8 million of the show’s most loyal fans have called it home. The audience management efforts have earned engagement rates of 10-20% on a given day—unheralded compared to other brands like Lady Gaga and Oreo that have less than 1%.
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    Besides being a hotbed of conversation about all aspects of the program, YourMother—as well as the 100,000-follower-strong @MeetAtMacLarens Twitter account—has produced a proven uptick in viewership for WGN America.
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    Applications & Games

    Beyond the conversation, Story created easily digestible, socially shareable show-inspired Facebook contests, applications, games and episode guides for both How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock (a new addition to the lineup).
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    Superfans: HIMYM

    The show’s biggest fans, referred to as SuperFans,were recruited to help create and spread great show-related content. For How I Met Your Mother, this included getting them together at the pub that inspired the show to engage in a roundtable discussion about their favorite moments from the program. We also produced content inspired by the program at various other show-related locations around New York City, viewable at the Meet at MacLaren's YouTube page.
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    Superfans: 30 Rock

    For 30 Rock, a separate set of show SuperFans (bloggers and active community members) were brought together to create and spread great show-related content and conversations. This time they were joined by 30 Rock writer Tracey Wigfield and star Katrina Bowden for a number of engaging segments. Through targeted blogger outreach and seeding, as well as organic sharing, the content earned placement among a wide variety of websites. The videos can be viewed at the 30 Rock Superfan YouTube page.

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