Explore the natural world of the only flying mammals—bats. Experience the first nonfiction book-app for iPad to use 3D software to create an immersive reading experience. Bats! is what a book should be—a great, involving story that uses the latest technology to make reading even more fun for young readers aged 5 and up.

Bats! is wonderfully vivid and interactive, built on the same 3D software used to create games. But Bats! is not a game and not just an app, it’s a real book, created by experts in science and other books especially for young children. Bats! breaks new ground in using the iPad to deepen the experience of reading, not to take kids away from reading as so many apps do.

Who Made This Book-App?

This unique book-app was created by a small army of designers, technologists, photographers, artists and more under the direction of Bookerella, which is the newly formed book-apps division of jacob packaged goods. This small company in New York City specializes in children’s literature, both traditional and digital. The company’s leader, Ellen Jacob, has overseen the creation of literally hundreds of kids’ books, including a major series of nonfiction books for HarperCollins in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution. Bats! uses language and visual information in ways proven to be accessible to kids.
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Story Worldwide
For this book-app, Bookerella partnered with Story Worldwide, a unique ad agency with advanced storytelling and app-making skills. Story specializes in multi-channel publishing, producing content—information and entertainment—for many of the world’s leading brands. But no advertiser participated in the making of Bats! Story joined in for the thrill of helping create an entirely new kind of iPad book-app and to showcase the use of advanced digital tools in presenting information in wonderful and captivating ways.
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Meet the Author
Mary Kay Carson began writing for the classroom magazine SuperScience at Scholastic, Inc. in New York City in 1991. She has been a full-time writer ever since. She is the author of dozens of books for kids and teachers about space, weather, nature and other science and social studies topics. One of her most recent books is The Bat Scientists, published by Houghton Mifflin. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. For updates on her upcoming books or for details about school visits, go to Mary Kay’s website.

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What They're Saying

“A winner: beautifully illustrated, nicely designed and solidly informative.”
-Kirkus Starred Review (Read Review)
“This is how children’s books should look on the iPad. My only regret? It’s that Bats! doesn’t last longer.”
- The Next Web
“Bats! feels like a furry museum trip.”
Selected for exhibit.
- Memphis Zoo
“Amazingly, kids were staying on these iPads for 10 minutes and longer. I think it will revolutionize how zoos share educational content with our visitors.”
- Andrew Kouba, Director of Conservation & Research
Bats! has been listed as one of Apple's New and Noteworthy Apps!



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